HippoEDIT syntax file

JDK jdk5093 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 15:47:56 EST 2011

Just in case this is of any interest to people here -- I recently
started using a text editor called HippoEDIT
(http://www.hippoedit.com/ -- bad name, good editor). I put together a
Markdown syntax file for it
(http://www.hippoedit.com/syntax_details.php?syntax=mmd). It includes
one or two elements of MultiMarkdown as well, including tables. Inline
HTML is also highlighted.

For the record, I'm not part of the HippoEDIT team, (although in the
interests of full disclosure, I should also add that the HippoEDIT
developer did give me a free licence for supplying the syntax file).

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