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Tue Sep 20 13:03:45 EDT 2011

sherwood said:

> Well if your dogs are like mine,

> they will eat practically anything.

> Lately in addition to their kibble they've

> been catching pocket gophers and mice.

> A border collie is much less lovable with

> 'mouse breath'

gophers and mice taste _great_ to a dog --
a dietary delicacy for many millennia now...

it's your "kibble" they don't really care for.
its redeeming feature is that it's so _easy_.
but i bet there are several brands of kibble
which your dogs still turn up their noses at.

as the ad man replied, when asked why his
costly campaign hadn't moved more units
of the client's dogfood: "dogs hate its taste."

people are the same way. they'll eat a _lot_
of things, including some that you consider
to taste _dreadful_ (e.g., ms-word), but that
does not mean that they will eat _anything_.


anyway, this conversation sounds confused...
aside from questions of philosophy, it seems
to me that there is confusion about just what
sort of metadata we're all talking about, and
how it's used, by whom, for what purposes...
and so on and so forth, and hmm baby swing.

but maybe i'm the only one confused... :+)

you all seem like bright competent fellows,
so i'm sure you'll get it all worked out, so
i'm gonna go back to my sandbox and play.

have a nice day...

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