Metadata syntax (was Universal syntax for Markdown)

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Thu Sep 22 19:52:58 EDT 2011

Oh My God I actually agree with Big Bird here.

This whole discussion is getting far beyond what I think of as a
lightweight markup system. Personally I think metadata should be
processed separately from markdown data. Keep it "unixy" - one tool, one

On 09/20/2011 01:03 PM, Bowerbird at wrote:

> sherwood said:

> > Well if your dogs are like mine,

> > they will eat practically anything.

> > Lately in addition to their kibble they've

> > been catching pocket gophers and mice.

> > A border collie is much less lovable with

> > 'mouse breath'


> gophers and mice taste _great_ to a dog --

> a dietary delicacy for many millennia now...


> it's your "kibble" they don't really care for.

> its redeeming feature is that it's so _easy_.

> but i bet there are several brands of kibble

> which your dogs still turn up their noses at.


> as the ad man replied, when asked why his

> costly campaign hadn't moved more units

> of the client's dogfood: "dogs hate its taste."


> people are the same way. they'll eat a _lot_

> of things, including some that you consider

> to taste _dreadful_ (e.g., ms-word), but that

> does not mean that they will eat _anything_.


> ***


> anyway, this conversation sounds confused...

> aside from questions of philosophy, it seems

> to me that there is confusion about just what

> sort of metadata we're all talking about, and

> how it's used, by whom, for what purposes...

> and so on and so forth, and hmm baby swing.


> but maybe i'm the only one confused... :+)


> you all seem like bright competent fellows,

> so i'm sure you'll get it all worked out, so

> i'm gonna go back to my sandbox and play.


> have a nice day...


> -bowerbird



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