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Karl Dubost karld at
Wed Nov 21 04:03:45 EST 2012

Jelks, and others.
Just a note about W3C community groups.

Le 21 nov. 2012 à 17:20, Jelks Cabaniss a écrit :

> Secondly, I'm glad to see Markdown even being considered by the W3C for standardization.

It is not.

Community Groups are groups that *anyone* can start about a topic related to the Web :) You do not need to be a W3C Member, to pay anything, etc. You just need to open a public W3C [account][], and be a bunch of motivated and open ;) people to discuss about a topic of interests.

W3C gives the platform for free. In the case of Markdown, it means:

* Home page
* Archived mailing-lists
* A wiki
* An irc channel


That said if the community group has been successful, published a document, etc. There might be interests from the W3C Members to make it on W3C Rec track and then go into the patent policy dance, etc.

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