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On 10/18/2012 03:52 PM, Andrew Pennebaker wrote:


> What I'm saying here is that relying on 3rd parties solutions

> while a very cheap (or even free) VPS would be sufficient is

> asking for unnecessary trouble.



> I agree that we should opt for convenient, preferably free hosting.


> I don't mean to start a technical argument about "static" vs "dynamic"

> web pages. What I'm trying to convey is that GitHub, while an

> incredibly easy CMS, only supports static web pages, not wikis, which

> require a running system that can modify a database for wiki edits.

Probably because they provide their own separate tool for wikis.

> That's why I call "dynamic", if you prefer to call this something

> else, I'm open to better terminology.

I'm not trying to start a troll on anything, but I'm a bit fed up by the
whole hype "all-dynamic-web" tendancy in the IT nowadays. Not everything
must be done dynamically, and there is no need of state-of-the-art
over-expensive servers to run a simple static content with automated
processing upon update. ;)


> Joyent is a simple service offering free cloud hosting for Node.js

> applications. I'm not saying we have to use Joyent, Node.js, or even

> JavaScript for our website. I'm just saying it's an easy option.


> If we'd overall prefer a whole VPS solution, that's fine too. If we're

> just interested in a basic CMS, that's also fine.

If one can provide us with a free VPS, it would be the best solution
without any doubt.


> What are our options for domain names?

> <> is unfortunately taken <>.

I was gonna suggest, but it's taken too... maybe ?
Or, this site <> has several second level TLDs
available for free... ' Carful though, some of them are "premium"
(charged), like

Also, the second level tld is free and easily available (but it
takes quite some time to get a domain, from my own experience) but they
don't provide DNS servers (they could be set up on the VPS though).

Oh and about .tk, it's WAY better to have a website running BEFORE
asking for a domain, since they check very quickly if everything
is in order; and if not, the website is taken down without prior notice
(you get a mail AFTER it's done).

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