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TL;DR: I'll set it up, you'll maintain it, what will we name it?

* David J. Weller-Fahy <dave-lists-markdown-discuss at> [2012-10-22 01:21 -0400]:

> * Boris Le Ninivin <boris.leninivin at> [2012-10-22 01:14 -0400]:

> > Are the following services installed / configured / running (or

> > deployed) on your server :

> >

> > A) Nginx

> Nope: I'm using mathopd as my http server.


> > C) fcgiwrap

> No, but (again) I don't think it would be very difficult.


> > If yes, would you like to set the wiki up yourself, or do you prefer

> > someone else (it can be me) to set it up?


> It's bed time where I'm at, so I'll respond more fully tomorrow or the

> next day. However, I know I would not have time to set it up, but I'd

> be willing to get accounts setup for those who would need them.

Ah-hah! I knew I was too tired when I responded - let me clarify.

I don't believe we'll need fcgiwrap or Nginx, as I already have a
functional setup of ikiwiki running under mathopd, and can duplicate
that for another user easily enough.

I can do the initial setup of the wiki and gitolite, assuming the
gitolite configuration is not rocket science (TM). I'll run the wiki
under an isolated user, set some reasonable defaults, and then get you
setup as the administrator. Note, I'm committing to donating VPS
hosting, but not to being the active maintainer of the wiki. I would
hand that over to you, and would be a sometime helper, but RL does not
allow for much free time.

I can get those items done within the next few days (before Friday,
certainly), and then we can test connectivity and make sure you have
full access to the wiki's repository.

To make sure I fully understand: The intent of this Wiki would be to
provide a central repository for documentation about Markdown, the
variants available (including the 1.2b8 and other semi-official
variants), the quirks and bugs of each, and start working toward
community convergence w.r.t. a future "Markdown2," or whatever it will
be called. Did I capture that correctly?

Final item: What temporary* subdomain does the community want? I can
put anything on the front of my "," and was tempted to just
create "," but realized others may have a preference. So:
What say y'all?

*: There is nothing more permanent that a temporary measure, so I tend
to assume temporary names are going to be permanent now. ;)

Anyway, that's my brain-bytes for now. If I missed anything or there
are questions throw them out there.

dave [ please don't CC me ]
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