Trouble with parentheses in Markdown hyperlinks

Boris Le Ninivin boris.leninivin at
Mon Oct 22 23:24:39 EDT 2012

On 10/23/2012 02:37 AM, David J. Weller-Fahy wrote:

> Ah-hah! I knew I was too tired when I responded - let me clarify.


> I don't believe we'll need fcgiwrap or Nginx, as I already have a

> functional setup of ikiwiki running under mathopd, and can duplicate

> that for another user easily enough.

Your VPS, your call. :)

> I can do the initial setup of the wiki and gitolite, assuming the

> gitolite configuration is not rocket science (TM). I'll run the wiki

> under an isolated user, set some reasonable defaults, and then get you

> setup as the administrator. Note, I'm committing to donating VPS

> hosting, but not to being the active maintainer of the wiki. I would

> hand that over to you, and would be a sometime helper, but RL does not

> allow for much free time.

Same here, so it might be great if a couple of other people would ask
for an access ( via git too; so they can put things we forget
(or don't have the time to add) in the wiki.

> I can get those items done within the next few days (before Friday,

> certainly), and then we can test connectivity and make sure you have

> full access to the wiki's repository.

Depending on the availability of the virtual-server manager of the
French association I mentionned before, I might already have (I've asked
a few days ago, but they have much to do apparently) a working VPS at
this point... So... Wait and see...

> To make sure I fully understand: The intent of this Wiki would be to

> provide a central repository for documentation about Markdown, the

> variants available (including the 1.2b8 and other semi-official

> variants), the quirks and bugs of each, and start working toward

> community convergence w.r.t. a future "Markdown2," or whatever it will

> be called. Did I capture that correctly?

Same idea here yes. Plus a link to a (list of the?) multi-dingus, if

> Final item: What temporary* subdomain does the community want? I can

> put anything on the front of my "," and was tempted to just

> create "," but realized others may have a preference. So:

> What say y'all?

I was thinking about using a domain under a "first level TLD" such as The thing being : We (or you) HAVE to set up a working wiki
with some (even minimal) content before we ask for the domain, or it
will be taken down in minutes (their policy is quite restrictive about
non-resolving websites and inactivity). What do the others on the list

> *: There is nothing more permanent that a temporary measure, so I tend

> to assume temporary names are going to be permanent now. ;)


> Anyway, that's my brain-bytes for now. If I missed anything or there

> are questions throw them out there.


> Regards,

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