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On Sep 15, 2012, at 12:47 AM, John MacFarlane wrote:

> +++ Fletcher T. Penney [Sep 12 12 18:15 ]:

>> I think a space *should* be allowed. Some text editors seem to wrap between those characters, IIRC, which leads to problems if a space is not allowed.


>> Short of convincing argument to the contrary, I plan on keeping the optional space between the two in MultiMarkdown. So, for selfish reasons, I would love it if you keep it in peg-markdown so I don't have to revert the change. :)


> So I think there are two convincing arguments so far:


> 1. The official syntax description allows the space only in

> reference-style links, and not in inline links.

Since the "official" document and code haven't been touched in over 5 years, as best I can tell, and have multiple other inconsistencies and "edge cases", it's anyone's guess as to whether this was an intentional decision or an oversight. I'm not particularly convinced by this argument, since it revolves around guessing what was going on in Gruber's mind years ago, rather than relying on people who are still active in the project (or the project's offshoots, depending on your perspective).

> 2. As Waylan points out, with short reference links, it's pretty easy

> to do things like


> see [link] (and by the way, blah)


> which would be parsed as links if the space were allowed.

This, in my opinion, is a much better argument.

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