Mysterious MD5ification under very specific circumstances

Wolfgang Faust wolfgangmcq at
Fri Jun 28 11:55:41 EDT 2013

I was building a markdown document today when my document suddenly went
blank. When I looked at the HTML source, I found that all my codeblocks had
been MD5ified. The following is a minimal document which reproduces the

# Header #
<!-- There can be text here, but there doesn't have to be.

>> -->

This is a codeblock.

**Bold text** <!-- Another comment -->

In particular, there must be:

- A header
- A comment containing the sequence NEWLINE TAB followed by at least two
greater-than signs
- At least one codeblock
- Bold text
- Another comment at the end of the document.

Changing even the smallest detail in the markdown results in a correct HTML
document, as expected.

When I run this through markdown v.1.0.1, I get:





**Bold text** <!-- Another comment -->

What on earth is going on here, and who do I report this bug to?
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