newbie seeks repo for markdown

bowerbird bowerbird at
Tue Sep 10 20:40:02 EDT 2013

don said:

> at this time the classic markdown meets my needs.

are you using "classic" markdown? or kramdown?

kramdown is a great flavor. know what you're using.

> i was looking for advice on how best to install it on a mac.

and you got some advice. on how to install kramdown.

you could've gotten advice on installing multimarkdown.


or there are lots of other flavors. none is hard to install.

> advanced features are less important than

> having a reliable automated installation procedure.

maybe i confused you, talking about "advanced" features.

look at this page and you'll see that many of the options
kramdown offers can't really be called "advanced" today.


to start with the top one, header id's are "standard" today,
so markdown-converters are expected to generate them.

(most especially since such id's will not cause any issues;
after all, it's not as if you're _required_ to use them at all;
but if they aren't created at all, then you _can't_ use 'em.
maybe more to the point, nor can people who link to you.)

and gruber's "classic" markdown does not generate id's.

of course, what you will probably discover, quickly, is that
the header id's generated by one flavor don't match those
which are generated by another flavor, which means that
you're going to encounter problems when you collaborate
with another person (or yourself, at a future point in time).

so even if your needs are indeed being serviced _now_,
you are likely to find there will be glitches down the line.

or hey, maybe not. return in 3 years if you wanna debate.


p.s. but, bottom line, kramdown is as good as any flavor.

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