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Fri Sep 27 10:40:15 EDT 2013

Le 27-sept.-2013 à 8:44, Roopesh Chander <roop at> a écrit :

> I think that discussion about a issues in a *particular implementation* is

> best done in the issue-tracker (or some such thing) specific to that

> implementation.


> For syntax discussions (stuff like what's the best syntax to describe, I

> don't know, citations to blockquotes), this mailing list is a good place,

> but they seem to have died down nowadays. (I wonder if that can be

> correlated to Gruber's reduced participation nowadays.)

That's what I pointed out. This list was the place to know what was happening. It isn't anymore.

> About what's happening in other implementations, there are still a good

> number of ANN mails to this list, I guess, describing what new syntax got

> added, et al.

There are very few announcement mails on this list. Half of the announcements on this list in 2013 were by me. And announcements other than mine generally don't describe syntax much. (Not all announcements have something newsworthy to say about the syntax either, so that's fine.)

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