what i meant by "simple"

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 07:22:25 EDT 2014


> gerald, your code will be "simple" in a ruby-on-rails setting.
> but anyone who doesn't know ruby-on-rails is gonna be lost.

  For your information: There's no dependency on Ruby or Ruby on
Rails. It's a static (server-less) single HTML page (w/ JS and CSS)
e.g.  git clone the repo and it works on your machine (open in your
browser from your local file system) or use the zip archive (unzip)
and again it works (just open the page in your browser).

   I guess it's my error - will remove the real world case study (that
mentions Ruby on Rails and might, thus, lead you to think you need
Ruby or Ruby on Rails).

   Keep it up. Always good to have more choices. Cheers.

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