markdown for speech synthesis?

mofo syne mofosyne at
Fri Oct 24 04:25:24 EDT 2014

Have anyone ever considered the possibility of using markdown to
perform speech synthesis markups?

Just a thought:

There is already a speech synthesis markup language call SSML:

However I do wonder if there is a need to perhaps consider what a
markdownish speech synthesis markup language may look like. I don't
think you can exactly use markdown syntax to do speech synth. Take for
example sarcasm, you can't exactly do it in pure text markup.

So far what I can think of:

* `...` :-- indicates pause in speech
* `*` :-- can be used to ephasis words in speech
* `\<switch>` :-- at end of the line indicates how entire sentence
should be carried out
 * `You must reallly love to be a good guy /s`
* `"scare quotes"` :-- Or maybe sarcasm is better done as scare quotes
`"` around the sarcastic expression?
* `:D` :-- emotion icons can perhaps be used to indicate previous
statement should be carried out in a certain tone. e.g. ` This really
doesn't make me feel good D: `
* `--> #id <--` :-- Allows the speaker to 'point' to a particular
section in a page?

What is your thoughts on this? If this can be included alongside or
inline with a markdown page, it might have some useful applications,
like say a modifiable automatic lecturer.


Here's a link to the current discussion page:

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