Using fragment identifiers with Markdown docs

Sean Leonard dev+ietf at
Fri Oct 24 15:46:36 EDT 2014

Hi Markdown folks:

I wanted to see if people have feelings or opinions about using fragment 
identifiers with Markdown (and Markdown-derivative, such as pandoc, 
kramdown, etc.) content.

It is useful to say things like

So that a Markdown editor could scroll to the right content.

To my mind, the prime candidates for this treatment are the [link 
reference identifiers][lref] and for some formats, the attributed text 
{#blahblah }. Link reference identifiers are part of the original 
Markdown syntax. On the other hand, they don't produce any identifiers 
in HTML/XHTML. Clearly attributed text is useful to identify both 
Markdown and output regions.




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