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Le 28-oct.-2014 à 12:06, Virgil Arrington <cuyfalls at> a écrit :

> There appears to be either confusion or disagreement in the Markdown/SmartyPants world as to how to create typographic dashes. Is there any way that the developers can come together on this very small part of the Markdown world

SmartyPants, the original by John Gruber, has a configuration string that lets you configure it the way you like. You are right that the default configuration does not do anything with `---` (hence why it sees it as an em dash followed by a hyphen).

The configuration string is only documented in the code, but it's quite simple:

	# Parser attributes:
	# 0 : do nothing
	# 1 : set all
	# 2 : set all, using old school en- and em- dash shortcuts
	# 3 : set all, using inverted old school en and em- dash shortcuts
	# q : quotes
	# b : backtick quotes (``double'' only)
	# B : backtick quotes (``double'' and `single')
	# d : dashes
	# D : old school dashes
	# i : inverted old school dashes
	# e : ellipses
	# w : convert " entities to " for Dreamweaver users

Looks to me like other implementations are using a different configuration by default.

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