On simplifying table syntax in any future markdown extension. (Use CSV)

Bill.Costa at unh.edu Bill.Costa at unh.edu
Fri Sep 5 10:25:20 EDT 2014

> As an author, not an implementer, this I would use ...
> Anything beyond that has seemed too unmemorable and irrelevant
> to my task for me to bother with.

These all look good to me as well.  But I would also want to have
the left/right/center hinting, at least as an option, since I
know any default would eventually annoy me and make me break out
into HTML.

Since spacing can be significant in Markdown, would a scheme like
this be too ugly or fussy?

     | Year|Make | Model |
     | ------------------------ |
     | 1997|Ford  | E350 |
     | 1999|Chevy | Venture "Extended Edition" |
     | 1999|Chevy | Venture "Extended Edition" |
     | 1996|Jeep  | Grand Cherokee |

In other words push the text up against the pipe for left/right
justification, and spaces on either side for centered.


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