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I'd rather add some bit of "templating" in my markdown and then do the embed via JS or something else (jenkins / .kit / Flask).
I don't think the purpose of MD should be to generate a full website.
my opinion, of course.

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> so i'm finishing up my latest example
> of a working light-markup system, and
> it's running under 45k at the moment.
> i thought i'd include "embedding" in it;
> you know, the typical stuff from youtube,
> and twitter, vimeo, vine, instagram, etc.
> my word.
> embedding from these big companies
> involves some extremely bloated code,
> ranging anywhere from 150k up to 950k
> for every single one of 'em. i kid you not.
> excuse me?
> after i've worked so hard to cut my code
> to the bone to make it as small as i can?
> i even did the grunt work of converting to
> vanilla javascript, so i could drop jquery.
> and guess what?
> an instagram embed downloads jquery!
> it's version 1.7.2, so it "only" weighs 95k,
> but by itself it's twice the size of my code.
> (an instagram embed is 750k, which does
> _not_ include the featured media itself.)
> worst is the fact that some of this bloat
> is for tracking users, and my preference
> is to not even include such invasive code
> for my own useful purposes, let alone the
> probably-evil aims of these corporations.
> and, on top of all that, their complex code
> sometimes screws up the understanding
> and execution of my _simple_ code. argh!
> so if i do end up offering such embedding,
> it'll be with a big dose of warning to users.
> -bowerbird
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