big companies and bloated code

bowerbird bowerbird at
Tue Sep 16 18:37:36 EDT 2014

so i'm finishing up my latest example
of a working light-markup system, and
it's running under 45k at the moment.

i thought i'd include "embedding" in it;
you know, the typical stuff from youtube,
and twitter, vimeo, vine, instagram, etc.

my word.

embedding from these big companies
involves some extremely bloated code,
ranging anywhere from 150k up to 950k
for every single one of 'em. i kid you not.

excuse me?

after i've worked so hard to cut my code
to the bone to make it as small as i can?

i even did the grunt work of converting to
vanilla javascript, so i could drop jquery.

and guess what?

an instagram embed downloads jquery!
it's version 1.7.2, so it "only" weighs 95k,
but by itself it's twice the size of my code.

(an instagram embed is 750k, which does
_not_ include the featured media itself.)

worst is the fact that some of this bloat
is for tracking users, and my preference
is to not even include such invasive code
for my own useful purposes, let alone the
probably-evil aims of these corporations.

and, on top of all that, their complex code
sometimes screws up the understanding
and execution of my _simple_ code. argh!

so if i do end up offering such embedding,
it'll be with a big dose of warning to users.


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