let us not discuss that here

bowerbird bowerbird at aol.com
Mon Sep 29 16:15:51 EDT 2014

ubi said:
>   shouldn't this be moved to some other mailing list?

i sent only one notification, of the series, and
that was because i did not want to be seen as
"dissing markdown" without giving a fair notice.

and, for the record, i'm _not_ "dissing markdown".

i'm doing what john gruber has always suggested,
which is to make my own thing, with its own name.

and, just for the record once again, i didn't need his
instruction or permission to do that, because i was
working on z.m.l. for many years before markdown.

and i've continued to work on my system long after
he pushed markdown out of his nest to make it fly.


>   I guess Markdown purists (is there such a thing?)
>   may be annoyed.

if markdown purists want to be annoyed at something,
i'd suggest they read my medium article from last year:

>   markdown considered harmful

that article is eminently fair, but the internet knows that
has never stopped some people from being "annoyed".


i don't want to discuss any of the specifics of my system
on this listserve, for various reasons, but i think i must
correct a few misimpressions from the feedback here.

>   I don't know how I feel
>   about having to add a ">"
>   (which by your convention is
>   a placeholder for [space]>[space])
>   for every line.

you don't have to put a " > " on every line;
putting it on the first line will be sufficient...
thanks for showing me i should've said that.

>   what if the block-quote text is not poetry?

z.m.l. offers two different block-quote tags:
one retains the linebreaks, the other doesn't.

even in the form where lines are rewrapped,
there is a way to specify a specific linebreak
should be retained. (it is the method that is
used across the whole of z.m.l., so i didn't
want to discuss it there in that one context;
i will discuss it as a general rule, later on.
but thanks for showing me it is confusing.)


mofo said:
>   I do wonder if people would be willing to
>   use the [space][tag][space] system though.
>   E.g. when typing '>', will I be willing to
>   tolerate having to add an extra space?
>   Will be interesting to see how tolerable it is.

um, ok.  if that is my biggest problem, i'll have
huge problems and no problems, simultaneously.

>   Also what is a chunk anyway?

>   beyond markdown -- part 2 -- z.m.l. is built to be easy to 
>   https://medium.com/@bbirdiman/beyond-markdown-part-2-b3527d2b9dcf

any set of non-blank lines bordered by blank lines
is a chunk. (though there will be a future wrinkle,
in that there'll be occurrence of "empty" chunks,
a result of splitting the file on double-linebreaks.)

>   Does that include header?

most definitely.

headers will be fully discussed in part 4 or part 5.

>   I might find having to do that space thing
>   to be annoying for headers

you always have the comfort of markdown as a fallback.


ok, now let us not discuss this any more here...


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