New Static Site Theme for World (Literature) Classics in Markdown e.g. A Tale of Two Cities, The Trial, etc.

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at
Thu Jul 16 18:48:11 EDT 2015


  As a showcase I've converted a good old Gutenberg plain text world
(literature) classic to markdown.

   See the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
   by Robert Louis Stevenson [1] as an example.

   Next I've put together a static site theme that lets you basically
drop all chapters into a _chapters folder and you're done, that is,
you get a great looking online live (e)book.

   See the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde live version (demo) [2]
   thanks to GitHub Pages (with built-in - surprise, surprise - Jekyll
processing ;-))

   And finally the ready-to-fork theme/template repo/source [3].

   Anyone else tried to convert world classics to Markdown
   for generating great looking books? Any insight appreciated.
Questions? Comments? Welcome.



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