New Static Site Theme for World (Literature) Classics in Markdown e.g. A Tale of Two Cities, The Trial, etc.

bowerbird bowerbird at
Tue Feb 16 19:30:19 EST 2016

shane said:
>   Wow - that's impressive!

yes, it is.

i was fairly skeptical of the commonmark effort -- 927, lowest-common-denominator, etc.
-- but i have to give 'em credit for this script here.

i once said that i thought multmarkdown had the
edge to be leader of any markdown convergence,
because the offline app was a huge advantage...

but now, with electron, any javascript routine can
be bundled into offline apps, which means that a
fundamental shift in the tipping-point has occurred.

and with node-js, commonmark could set up a site
with an api and do all server-required conversions.
the bandwidth charges might become fairly hefty,
but setting up the site is probably a eight-hour job.

with server and client handled, bingo consistency.

hasn't happened yet, and might not, but the path
is now fairly clear, for people who want to see it...

in my humble opinion.


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