Manuscripts - New Book Format for Markdown

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at
Sun Feb 21 11:59:41 EST 2016


  I've created a new simple book format that lets you build books
with free industry-strength static site builders (such as Jekyll, for example).

The idea is / the step are simple:

1) Add your markdown docs
2) Add a book.yml & contents.yml
3) Pick a Theme

Done. See it in action (still early and rough).

The Jekyll "Manuscript" (source) [1] with its book.yml [2] e.g.

   title:  "Jekyll Documentation (Book Edition)"
     name: "Tom Preston-Werner, Nick Quaranto, Parker Moore, et al"

and contents.yml [3] e.g.

    - title: Getting Started
      - title: Welcome
        path:  01_getting_started/
        - title: "So what is Jekyll, exactly?"
        - title: "Helpful Hints"
      - title: Quick-start guide
        path:  01_getting_started/
      - title: Installation
        path:  01_getting_started/

that gets linked into the theme via a git submodule (source) [4]
and thanks to GitHub Pages & Jekyll results in a single-page black &
white online book [5].

Question? Comments? Welcome. Cheers.

PS: Interested in more static site builder and markdown (kramdown) news?
Follow the Static Times (@statictimes) [6] news channel.


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