Interested in Learning Markdown? Join us for the Vienna.html Meetup Feb/23rd (Free)

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at
Wed Feb 24 03:22:02 EST 2016

    FYI: If anyone is interested in kramdown / markdown - Thomas
Leitner has posted the slides for yesterday's Vienna.html talk titled
"Using Markdown with the kramdown Library and Tools" online [1].


PS: Tip of the day - Did you know? kramdown can also convert HTML back
into kramdown source? On the command line use: `kramdown -i html -o


2016-01-14 14:26 GMT+01:00 Gerald Bauer <gerald.bauer at>:
> Hello,
>    If you happen to be in Central Europe - you're invited to the next
> Vienna.html meetup [1] on Feb/23rd in Austria.
>    We're proud to host the lead developer of the kramdown library 'n'
> tools that power GitHub Pages, Jekyll, LeanPub, etc.
>    Title: Using Markdown (HTML “Shortcodes” in Plain Vanilla Text)
> with the kramdown Library and Tools by Thomas Leitner
>   Bio: Thomas Leitner is head of the computer group of the mathematics
> department of the University of Vienna and lead developer of the
> kramdown library and tool - a fast, markdown-superset processor (in
> ruby) for converting plain old vanilla text into hypertext (powering
> GitHub Pages, Jekyll, and friends).
>   Join us. Free, everyone welcome. Cheers.
> PS: Know any other free Markdown meetups / events? Let us know.
> [1]

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