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Thu Feb 25 09:57:41 EST 2016

I have been assigned to submit a resume for an application to a school using Markdown. They gave me this link: with the following instructions: "Your resume, written in Markdown and submitted as a GitHub Gist." I've visted the link and downloaded Markdown. When it didn't have a way to "install" like typical software, I revisited the site and I downloaded Perl 5.22.00. I've also downloaded CPAN ( Now there is a little blue icon in the Markdown folder, but all it opens is a black box. It doesn't open something that should look like this ( I've watched a couple of tutorials on how to use it and it's fairly simple. I understand all the 'coding' I need to use. The problem is figuring out how to install the software. I'm not an IT person. I'm good at using programs, not fixing them or understanding things out-of-the-ordinary computer installations. Can someone please give me some direction (using layman's terms) to get this up and moving? Thank you very much for your help. I am using a Windows 7 computer.

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