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Mon Jul 19 22:28:05 EDT 2004

>Dear Ron,
>         Why do most of the e-mails I get from the nwhs list have 
> attachments?  I'm
>afraid to open them because none of the e-mails would have any need for an
>Thank You,
>John Hecker


I have researched this problem a bit. Our mailing list software, Mailman, 
appends a footer to the end of each e-mail. When a message is sent to the 
mailing list as HTML formatted text, the Mailman footer gets appended as 
another MIME encoded bodypart. Some e-mail programs, such as Outlook, will 
interpret this appendage as a file attachment.

One way to fix this problem is to have everyone on the list send their 
posts as "plain text". This eliminates the need for Mailman to have to 
create another MIME attachment. You can turn off HTML formatting on many 
e-mail programs under the menu item "Options..."

One method you may try is to see if you can configure your e-mail program 
to display all text files as plain text or in-line text with the main message.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Ron Davis

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