markers on N&W CF class wood cabin cars

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Mon Jul 19 23:06:19 EDT 2004

Hi all,

One more question while I'm thinking on it.  The A&Y bought two N&W CF 
class cabs and relettered them.

I'm building a couple of the AMB kits and I wanted to add marker lights.  I 
saw in the N&W handbook that one caboose model has the marker lights on the 
walls of the cab where they would be on other cabs.  But there's a notch in 
the roof ends that seems like the right place for the marker (why else 
would there be a notch?).

Can anyone tell me what the standard practice was for placing marker lights 
on these cabs?  I would assume that the A&Y men, being employed by a short 
line almost always in receivership, would have used the existing brackets 
and wouldn't have bothered to change them.

I have Tomar Industry marker lights and I'm going to have to run the wires 
to which ever location, so I want to get it right the first time!  I may 
have to notch the underside of the roof on the overhang to get a light at 
the notch on the roof.  So PLEASE let me know before I install them where 
would be the most likely spot for them based on N&W practices.


David Bott			david.m.bott at

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