old N&W signals?

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The pole line contractor is working in the Marion town limits right now, and heading east.  These guys are going kinda slow too.
As for getting a surplus signal, good luck!  A signal maintainer told me I'd have better luck getting an act of congress than getting a signal.  He was not kidding!  I had to write several letters to get someone to respond to me.  I finally had to say something like "I have seen many items at RR shows and flea markets.  How does someone get this stuff?"  They responded to that.  Normally, they want to sell you their "junk" by the carload.  Hmmm, maybe I should put a siding in my back yard, huh?
Ben Blevins

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Good evening, Ben and all:

If anyone learns about a surplus sale of signals or
roadway signs, please let us (and especially me) know.
I'd like to add some examples to a Boyce station

Also, Ben, where is the code line removal contractors
now. Does anyone know where they are on the
Shenandoah Division?

Best wishes,

Frank Scheer
f_scheer at yahoo.com

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> Hello all,
> I was wondering who all has salvaged any N&W color
> position signals. I personally have one complete
> signal and 5 arms, and some odds and ends
> components. In 2000 I had an article in the Arrow
> about the restoration of my signal. Well, that will
> soon be updated because I moved last fall and the
> signal came with me. It is now in a pile of pieces
> and parts awaiting a "full" restoration. Last time
> I gave it a coat of paint. This time around it will
> be a little different...
> Anyway, I've heard that a few of the Roanoke guys
> have some, and I was wondering if this is true.
> Thanks much,
> Ben Blevins

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