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Interesting story, Skip.  Thanks for sharing it. 
There was another fellow who was in the Operations
Training program with me, Roderick "Rick" Wade.  He
was assigned to the Motive Power Department around
1975 and stayed there many years.  A year ago, he was
reassigned to the Information Technology group and
relocated to Atlanta.  He's the last fellow I know of
from N&W days who's still working.

On the training schedule, a group of us visited Dick
Dunlap's office.  He had graphs and charts on all of
his walls.  Reportedly --I don't know but I don't have
a reason to dispute this-- Dick had charts on the
bathroom walls, too.

Best wishes, Skip and all...

Frank Scheer
f_scheer at yahoo.com

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     I am not related to Hugh but I knew him.  He was
a road foreman of engines.  In the book about the 1978
strike, Mr. Dunlap tells a story about an incident
that happened between us.  I was a supervisor in
Roanoke Locomotive Shops and was familiar with the
operation of  locomotives and had worked in yard
service during strikes, but never had taken a train on
the road.  Earilier someone sent me an order meant for
Hugh and they sent me to St.Louis and gave me a train
thinking I was the road foreman of engines.  I took it
successfully and therefore became a member of the
"learn by the seat of your pants" club.  So when the
1978 strike came along, I was assigned as a road
engineer and I made 55 trips out of Bellevue both
ways, to Buffalo and to Chicago.\


Skip and Judi Salmon 
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