Lynchburg Update

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Mon Jul 26 11:52:29 EDT 2004

Progress continues in Riverside Park in Lynchburg.

My camera broke so I do not have any new photos this report.

The VGN cab is down to the frame.  Interior walls have been saved for 
reuse as have all the metal parts.  Exterior walls, framing and roof 
will have to be all new lumber.  The rot was just too far gone to 
salvage any of that.

For you STEAM FANS, work will begin on the C&O Kanawha Class 2-8-4 
immediately.  Sand blasting and repainting will begin on the tender in 
order to build up expertise, than move on to the locomotive itself.

There still is a huge need for volunteers every Saturday morning.  So 
please find time to stop by and get dirty.  For map directions see:

For more information please contact Bill Hodges at
wlhodges2 at


Tom Salmon

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