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Mon Jul 26 12:06:52 EDT 2004


Victoria, Virginia is about to receive its own Virginian Class C-10 
Caboose.  Under the guidance of Greg Elam the town of Victoria is ready 
to welcome into town Virginian Cab #342, recently purchased from Mr Ken 
Miller of Roanoke.  The cab has been repainted and ready for the haul to 
Crewe via NS.  (Stay tuned for the movement date as we hope to fill 
Central Virginia with rail photographers ready to capture the event.)  
Also from Crewe to Victoria by truck heavy hauler.

The cab will be moved once it has a home.

This is where you come in.

The concrete pad has been laid right next to the old station and all 
that it needs now is some helpful hands to set ties, tie plates and 
rails.  Easy right.  Yep, but the more hands the merrier.


Yes, that is right.  You will get a free lunch when you stop by and 
pitch in.

The work day has been set for Saturday August 7th, starting between 9 
and 10 AM and continuing until completion.  This is a work day Rain or 
Shine.  There is not a rain date.  (We won't melt.)

For more info contact me at:
salmont at
 or Greg Elam in Victoria at:
scsge at

See you all in Victoria

Tom Salmon

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