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Here's a good start: Virginia Tech assortment of N&W stations to browse 
through...  about 350 pictures...

Not to be overly simplistic by just posting a link and saying "Have at it"
Here are a couple typical N&W combination stations.  you can see they just 
stretch to fit.
They don't fit your bill of a two story station, though.  But it truly is 
an N&W style station. If there is such a thing.

Maybe Christiansburg station would work
or Salem

Bluefield was probably the classiest, and very recognizeable...

Sounds like a great project.
Good luck.
Mike Rector

At 04:41 PM 7/31/04, you wrote:
>I'm doing some research for a local train museum - and we are considering 
>building a structure that looks like a freight station.  The type of 
>station I'm interested in has the two story office or passenger section at 
>the front end with a long one story freight shed attached to the rear. 
>We're interested in a wooden type structure but possible could copy one 
>constructed of brick. Would like an N&W station - but not critical to our 
>purpose.  The second story of the front section would be used as a train 
>watching area overlooking the local freight yard.  I believe that there 
>are only a few platforms on the East Coast that allow people to get close 
>enough and high enough to really watch real train operations - possibly 
>listening to the yard radio network at the same time.  The lower section 
>and shed would contain a large O-gauge model train layout (to be designed) 
>that shows railroad operations across Virginia - mountains to the sea - a 
>"Rails Across Virginia Exhibit."
>Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! - Thanks
>Ron Timma
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