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Hi Ben, 

I won't waste a lot time explaining details of pursuing your caboose. But I 
give a couple pointers for you to ponder. 

1. Purchase of a caboose is not difficult. contact the Materials Office of NS 
see if anything is remaining to be sold. Also the Internet is another 
2. Before you purchase the caboose I suggest that you detail your plan to 
discussions with the county and town you live in. also you are going to need 
deal with the VDOT in Richmond. 
3. Discuss this all with Your County and Town Tax office. 
4. You are going to need to detail the route and manner of delivery. Crane 
is very expensive. 
5. If you pursue the build idea, I commend you on a big project depending 
how detail you want to be. 

These are just a few of the starting points, I'm very familiar with this 
I went through this back in 1995 with my caboose in Christiansburg. Its not 
difficult but patience and follow-through with all regulations and codes are
the main points to remember. 

Hope this helps in your decision. Good Caboose Hunting. 

Cliff Orange, 
Christiansburg, Va 
rrcliff611 at
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