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Thanks everyone your your advice and information.  
For those who don't know, I live on the Bristol Line, literally.  It is in my back yard a hundred feet from my house.  After seeing the local drag a caboose back and forth every day I just thought it'd be nice to try to preserve one myself.  Since they're no longer being built eventually they will all disappear from the rails.  
(In a perfect world, NS would sell me one and park it on the tracks behind my house while a crane offloads it onto my track in the yard and it would be oh so simple.)  Well, it ain't a perfect world now, is it?!  I'd have to park it in Marion on the old equipment siding west of the old passenger station, have a crane load it onto a truck and take it 5 miles west to my house.  There are two bridges it would have to cross, so permits for that would have to be secured, as well as having to deal with overhead power lines and street lights.  
At the house, I'd have to demolish an out building, and build a stretch of track for it.  That may sound easy, but I don't think it would be so easy to manuver a full piece of rail around by hand.  There's a whole lot to consider here.  Oh, and I can only imagine the response the zoning commission will give me!
Building one may be easier, and cheaper, but it wouldn't be authentic.  The best I could do would be a good copy.  I am very early in this process, and I expect it will be years before I get this project "rolling", but I am serious about it.  
Thanks everyone!
Ben Blevins

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