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Well, let's see. When the poles were taken down was MY topic, so this is directed at me in some respect. Well, I do have a life, and it is not railroads, it is not the Norfolk & Western. I have my priorities in line and, with all due respect, the N&W is not high on the list. It is a HOBBY.

Now, when the poles were taken down is important to me. Why? Well, I was 11 years old when the N&W merged with the Southern, so I remember little of the "original" N&W, but rather what remained under Norfolk Southern, and what continues to decrease all the time. Eventually, it will all be gone.

I guess Marty will never get to hear my rebuttal, but I don't care. My point is, everyone is entitled to like what they like. Sorry, but I have no grand memories of N&W steam, but rather what very little survived into the excursion era. Even that is gone now. So, what's left?

I'll admit, I think a lot of the topics can be "nit picking", but its important to some people. Remember the "eccentric crank" topic? It didn't make a hill of beans to me, but it was VERY important to the steam locomotive era folks.

Anyway, to each his own, and to Marty, if he ever reads this. "I suggest you go join the modeling list instead! You're in the wrong place if that's what you're looking for. And yes, I love the poles, and Diesel Locomotives, and Thomas the Tank Engine! I wish you well."

Ben Blevins

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I have been on the NWHS website at numerous times trying to get subscribed
to what I thought was a modelers discussion for N&W, but I must say this
particular list has become most tiresome, bothersome, and just flat out
BORING. Please unsubscribe me, I can't stand any more discussion on calendar
typos, the last day a telegraph was sent, when the freaking poles were taken
down, diesel locomotives, or weather Thomas the tank is good, bad, a
nuisance, or whatever. Please people, get a life, I hate to think this is
the best discussion that can be generated from such a superb railroad, it
just doesn't seem to do the REAL history much justice!

Marty Reiter

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