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> Well, let's see. When the poles were taken down was

> MY topic, so this is directed at me in some respect.

> Well, I do have a life, and it is not railroads, it

> is not the Norfolk & Western. I have my priorities

> in line and, with all due respect, the N&W is not

> high on the list. It is a HOBBY.


I'd concur. Generally I've looked and listened, and
have found the list entertaining, arcane, instructing,
and also on occasion of very limited interest.

It caters - rather, those who post cater for all
tastes and interest in the N&W (and NS), and includes
those from further afield who, like I, would have no
memories of the N&W steam era, but may have been drawn
by other means (e.g. O Winston Link's photographs)

The rather dismissive mention of Thomas is OK - in
fact I hadn't appreciated that the Revd W Awdry in the
guise of Thomas the Tank had infiltrated so deeply in
North America. provides a
lot of detail for those who're interested, and I still
have what used to be a small number of his (much
treasured) railway stories.

If it helps getting a new generation interested and
engaged, I guess T the T - and Father Christmas with
services to the North Pole (with a glass of sherry and
a mince pie when you accompany the kids getting
there), unless this has yet to reach preserved
lines in the U.S. - is a price worth paying even if
purists (and modellers?) find it irritating.

Now, could someone remind me of the dates for the 2006
Convention? With a rail enthusiast friend in
Philadelphia, it may be that next year could be a


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