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Your right about some like me that modeling can go a long way fast with me.
But, I read a lot of those post also as they most always have an interesting
point new to me and looking back as a kid I can relate to a lot of the
detail that is so important to those pursuits for purity.

A lot of those posts are speed read, appreciated but not stored at all

This is a balanced board and it is amazing what really sets of the responses
in large numbers such as the 40&8s.

My problem is justifying the time each day I am reading this board.

Oakie G Ford

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> This may be too late for Marty, but it's kind of a

> shame that he feels that way. I'm on about 18 lists

> right now, and certainly there's only a small

> percentage of the material I get that's really

> interesting. But that's why there are subject lines

> and the Delete key. Most of the lists are available in

> Digest form, which really helps me. But the amount of

> information on areas that I am interested in is

> amazing, as is the knowledge that is out there, on

> even the most esoteric subject, and the willingness to

> share that information. And one other thought; if you

> feel as Marty does, start a discussion on an area that

> you are interested in, and stand back. I have no

> interest in railroad telegraphy, but evidently a lot

> of people do, and I applaud their interest. I'm

> interested in tuning Riv Y6b's and modifying them to

> represent other Y's, but I'm sure some of you out

> there can't get away from those messages fast enough.

> There's room for all of us. Just MHO.


> Frank Bongiovanni


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> > I have been on the NWHS website at numerous times

> > trying to get subscribed

> > to what I thought was a modelers discussion for N&W,

> > but I must say this

> > particular list has become most tiresome,

> > bothersome, and just flat out

> > BORING. Please unsubscribe me, I can't stand any

> > more discussion on calendar

> > typos, the last day a telegraph was sent, when the

> > freaking poles were taken

> > down, diesel locomotives, or weather Thomas the tank

> > is good, bad, a

> > nuisance, or whatever. Please people, get a life, I

> > hate to think this is

> > the best discussion that can be generated from such

> > a superb railroad, it

> > just doesn't seem to do the REAL history much

> > justice!

> >

> > Marty Reiter

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