N&W On The "Today Show."

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Mon Oct 3 20:28:11 EDT 2005

Most of you fellows are much too young to have seen this, but I saw it with
my own eyes. In 1953 the "Today Show" hosted by Dave Garroway in those
days, went on location to Roanoke, Va. It boggles my mind how tyhey did it
with the technology of that period, but they had a "live" segment with Dave
Garroway riding in the cab of a J Class locomotive at speed on a passenger
train talking with the engine crew. How many of you out there are willing to
back me up on having seen this unusual event on TV? Satellites were unheard
of then, which causes me to wonder how they pulled it off. There was such a
thing as microwave relay available in those days which they must have used
in some manner. Bill Sellers

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