Belews Creek Coal Train at Boones Mill

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Is that what's left of a station at Boones Mill? Does anyone have photos or
plans of it in its better days?

A story to go with it. In 1973-1975 I was a teen in Roanoke with a new
drivers license. I would go out and find a spot along the tracks and wait
for our beloved trains to come by. One summer day, I ventured south most
probably to Boones Mill and found a loading platform in the shade and sat
and waited. Unfortunately nothing came by that day and I wandered off
without taking any pictures and I never got back that way. Seeing Skip's
photo, I assume that this is where I was that day.

Don Trettel

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Subject: Belews Creek Coal Train at Boones Mill

Got this one today:

To see all of my photos on this site go to:

Skip Salmon
Skip and Judi Salmon
3721 Buckingham Drive
Roanoke, VA 24018-2448

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