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Dear Tim:

I personally do not know what type of traffic was on the Dry Fork Branch
in those days. However, I can suggest that you look at the employee
time tables of that period that will give some indication of the
scheduled trains that ran over the branch. This does NOT describe any
of the unscheduled (coal or Mty Hoppers) trains, of which there had to
be many.

Note that the ETT's trasitioned from listing trains by timetable
schedule to a "rules" and operation format in the early 1970's, so you
will need to look at the earlier timetables.

The Dry Fork probably saw mostly unscheduled coal trains and mine run
trains in that time period. I do not know of any scheduled manifest
freights that ran over that line as freight traffic 'cutting the corner'
would have been pretty scarce.

The line can be followed from Cedar Bluff to Ieager fairly easily. I
think a fall trip or a trip after the leaves are down would be very
beneficial. Traffic now is higher than it used to be (recently) as NS
runs much of the Wolf Creek Branch coal and coal from the Williamson
area down the Dry Fork Branch to Norton and connection to the
ex-Southern lines going westward. This is predominantly power plant
coal traffic.

Note that the Archives will be open by appointment (email
Gillum at nwhs.org) on the second Thursday-Friday- Saturday of each month.
Jim Gillum can give you directions to the facility, which is near
Shaffers Crossing.

While at Roanoke, you must go to the link Museum in the old station.

I will see what I can find in the older traffic charts that I have and
the freight schedules.

Gary Rolih
Cincinnati, Ohio

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I am a new member and plan to visit Roanoke next week and see if I can
find the data I need, but your input would be very helpfull. I am
trying to find a location to model. I now have focused my attention on
the cut off between Iaeger, south east to the clinch valley district.
The Dry fork branch. I plan to model operation's as close to the
prototype as possible. I am working with some experienced operator's so
I will have help evaluating the line. I have been unable to find out
much about it.
To keep it simple at first, what kind of traffic did the line see.
Time can change but the 70's or early 80's info would be best.
Thanks Tim

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