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Fri Oct 7 23:04:16 EDT 2005

I was the yardmaster at Auville (working at Wilcoe) during the time period
you are interested in. While I was not there on a regular basis, I do
recall seeing time freight moving past the Auville yard from Norton moving
west. As a freshly promoted yardmaster with an engineering background, I
made several sketches of the mine operations for both Tug Fork and Dry
Fork. I will be glad to send scanned copies of such if anyone is
interested. Several other fellows expressed an interest and I have already
replied to them. Now that I have scanned my files, I should be able to
reply more quickly.

David Ray at sixrays at visuallink.com

At 12:07 PM 10/4/2005 -0500, you wrote:

> I am a new member and plan to visit Roanoke next week and see if I can

>find the data I need, but your input would be very helpfull. I am

>trying to find a location to model. I now have focused my attention on

>the cut off between Iaeger, south east to the clinch valley district.

>The Dry fork branch. I plan to model operation's as close to the

>prototype as possible. I am working with some experienced operator's so

>I will have help evaluating the line. I have been unable to find out

>much about it.

> To keep it simple at first, what kind of traffic did the line see.

>Time can change but the 70's or early 80's info would be best.

> Thanks Tim



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