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Thu Nov 24 10:46:13 EST 2005

The hooded signal has been NS' standard for a few years now. Not only are
they good for snow, they are VERY good at protecting against certain false
proceed signals.
I explained the special use of new color position signals at Randolph St. in
a previous message. In a nutshell, it was cheaper to buy those signals than
to spend the labor and downtime required to run FRA tests on the redesigned
circuitry that would have to be installed.

John Marbury
Buford, GA

NS has done it again! Every time I think I have them figured out they do
something that confuses the fire out of me!
Indeed, the new block signal at the Marion section house is for the east
end of the siding. The current signal, installed in 1918, and upgraded from
semaphores to position lights in 1947, is finally being retired. The
installation is in terrible shape.It is very close to Industrial Drive. If
it were to give way and fall, it would most likely fall in the street. I'd
say that's why they're replacing it.

NS is installing new HOODED Safetran signals at this location, now known
as Schuleen. Now, when I think of hoods, I think of UP signals. I've seen
some on CSX, but never on any NS trackage. And, factoring in the new
signals in Roanoke that were ordered as Color Position signals, now I'm
really confused. So, on NS from Roanoke to Bristol, you'll have N&W,
Southern, and Hooded signals all hodge podged together! (Heck, lets get em
to bring back semaphores while they're at it!)

Has NS installed this type signal anywhere else, or is this something new
for them?

Ben Blevins

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