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I have some questions about N&W standards concerning engine lubrication. All J, A, Y6, and S1(a) engines used 3 gal. nathan lubricators(DV-7 or DV-4, what is the difference?), 1 per cylinder. right? On the steam oil side what was the allowable range for these engines? (did N&W use the same amount of oil per revolution regardless of cylinder size or was it proportinonate to the cylinder size?) Did N&W use the same amount of oil in the LP cyl. as the HP cyl. since the steam from the HP cylinders would already have oil in it? pictures show Y6's with 4 lubricators so did N&W set the same dispensing rate for each lubricator? On the engine oil side what were the ranges for those engines? I have heard locomotives use less engine oil than steam oil? Did N&W have a set practise of how many gallons of engine oil were needed for x number of miles. I guess larger engines used more than smaller engines? But did N&W have certain criteria? Air Compressors.
what was the capacity of the lubricators on the westinghouse cross-compound air pumps they used? (Westinghouse 8 1/2 150D, right?) In standard N&W practice this would equate to how many hours of service between needing to fill up. Stokers. N&W used Standard Model HT Stokers? What was N&W standard for oil consumption per ton of coal fired? I how I have asked a lot here. Quite technical questions but I know there are guys out there that still know this stuff. I am a younger guy. And want to learn as much as I can about steam before it is forgotten. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Thank you,John Rhodes

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