Turning "Y's"

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According to Pocahontas Division Timetable No. 11, effective December
9, 1934, there were wyes located at the following locations. Many
movements were simple backing moves from the terminal or yard to the
branch, work the mines, then return to the terminal with locomotive in
the lead.

Mainline, Bluefield to Williamson

Bluestone Branch (Bluestone to Winonah)

Goodwill Branch (Flipping to Goodwill)

Tug Fork Branch (Welch to Jenkinjones)

Dry Fork Branch (Iaeger to Cedar Bluff)
Dry Fork Junction
Indian Yard

Pond Creek Branch (Williamson to McVeigh)

Clinch Valley (Bluefield to Norton)
Cedar Bluff

Toms Creek Branch (Coeburn to Toms Creek)
Toms Creek

Buchanan Branch (Devon to Grundy)

Your actual mileage may vary according to era.

Ken Miller

On Dec 17, 2005, at 9:56 PM, nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org wrote:

> There were three places to turn locomotives on the Dry Fork Branch.

> The first was the north terminus of the branch, at Iaeger, a mile or

> so from Auville Yard.

> The second was the Jacob Fork Branch off of the Dry Fork, about 26

> miles from Auville.

> The third was at the south terminus of the branch, at Cedar Bluff


> As far as coal traffic on the branch itself...trains were dispatched

> south "up" the branch from Auville Yard to the various tipples. Some

> trains filled and backed down the branch to the yard. Other trains

> that worked tipples further up the branch, would turn the engine at

> Jacobs Fork and pull the loads back to Auville, where they could be

> turned for the next trip "up".

> There was a lot of other traffic that used the Y at Iaeger, such as

> freight trains returning to Williamson, and Bluefield. And the turning

> of engines that brought empties and tool the loads out both east and

> west of the branch.

> I am sure there were many other situations where these Y's were used

> to turn steam engines, these are just the few I am familiar with.


> Leslie Eversole 



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> Are Turning 'Y's" used at the end of any coal spurs or branches

> particularly on the Pocahontas Division?

> Regards....Clare Caughell

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