July 5, Sixty-Seven years Ago

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Growing up in Radford, I had heard about this wreck from my dad for years and this is the first photo I've ever seen of it. Thanks! He had family that worked MOW along 'the river' through Belspring.
I had asked Ed King if he knew anything about it and he had a vague remembrance of the incident. Now the question, to which I also posed to Dr. Kiing, was the front engine uncooperative or did it sieze (bind) or actually weld due to the build up of heat?
Charlie Long

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>It was sixty-seven years ago, July 5, 1939, that Engine 2030 turned over at Big Falls Cut on the Radford Division, due to a dry boiler slide.


>Attached is a photo.


>Keep your boiler slides well greased, boys !


>-- abram burnett

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