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Just to agree with what everyone is saying about C&O using N&W tracks to head up the Scioto River valley, it appears this was a common occurance from what ive been told. I dont know if the N&W ever used the C&O to go north (west) but it certainly might have been possible?
However the climb out of Sciotoville up to the C&O Northern is steep! Not really made for the size of trains that the N&W runs up the valley. And ,ive never seen anything to document this.
My freinds uncle worked the N&W crossing tower on Main St. here in Chillicothe, OH. Years ago he gave me a pic. of 3 C&O F-units running north up the N&W taken from the tower. The B&O and N&W crossed right next to Main St. The union (B&O) depot sat at the corner of the diamond just south of main. At that time (1959) the B&O and N&W both had double track mains through town.
The N&W single tracked in 59/60 and the B&O was removed about 89 if i remember right. Trent Hulbert

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