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Uncomfortable humidity at Bluefield's elevation would be unusual. Remember, Bluefield bills its self as "Natures Air Condition City." I believe the Bluefield Chamber of Commerce stills serves free limonade anytime the tempreature goes over 90 degrees F. Many summers it doesn't cost them a penny.

Gordon Hamilton

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> Why are the conventions always held during the mid-summer months?



> Todd, it may be as simple as that no one has asked to change the dates of

> the Convention. It was held in the Summer and people came, but keep in mind

> that changing the date may effect the availability of convention sites.

> Convention planning is started a year or more in advance. Arrangements and

> reservations are made months ahead. We try to have the convention at a site with

> direct N&W historical connections well as trains to look at and things of

> interest to do. Picking a best color time in the mountains of WV and Va is a

> tricky thing. You most likely will end up with either green or brown (or

> possibly white) background instead of a cascade of colors.


> If there is a strong desire to change the dates of the annual Convention,

> you need to let the Society Officers and Board of Directors know AND offer

> suggestions of where and when. We are open to suggestions. Maybe someone will

> think of something new and different. Contact can be made thru the Society

> web site.


> The 2007 Convention is in Bluefield, WV. Hopefully the humidity in late

> June will not be too bad.


> Chuck Stewart

> Bahama, NC




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