convention swap

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Sat Dec 9 22:14:08 EST 2006

The last week of June and the first week of July is traditionally vacation season for us here in the states as factories, offices, mines, schools, ect... normally shut down for this period of time in the heart ( or should I say heat ) of summer. Some of us, like myself, actually have control of when we can take our vacation. I remember Mason Cooper asking a few posts back about the 2007 date because his employeer already needs his vacation dates on the calender. This is why we have kept it at the same time year after year so members know about when to expect the conventions.

However due to the increasing popularity of the fall mini-con, could it be an option to flip the dates and have the mini-con, which is an indoor event, during the hot days of summer, and consider having the main convention, which has outdoor related events in the fall of the year, I feel that this could possibly be a viable option for this problem.


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