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Sat Jan 6 19:51:18 EST 2007

>Using the old CPL style today would be a backward step in capability.


>Gary Rolih


A few points:

You need to separate the signals from their control system. Head placement
or signal type has no affect on control or capability. The controlling
circuit does.

Safetran, the largest signal suppllier in the world, makes brand new CPLs,
NS even has a few of them. They also sell many other styles of targets...
all using the same basic head arranged different ways.

US&S still sells components for thier CPLs. They also sell solid-state
upgrades to existing US&SL control circuits to make them compatible with
ATCS protocol. NS has a boatload of these in use. They even have the 'old'
controls with new Safetran signals...

Robb Fisher

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