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Sat Jan 6 22:07:14 EST 2007


> Safetran, the largest signal suppllier in the world, makes brand new CPLs,

> NS even has a few of them. They also sell many other styles of targets...

> all using the same basic head arranged different ways.


> US&S still sells components for thier CPLs. They also sell solid-state

> upgrades to existing US&SL control circuits to make them compatible with

> ATCS protocol. NS has a boatload of these in use. They even have the 'old'

> controls with new Safetran signals...

CSX uses ATCS on the Toledo Subdivision, complete with former B&O
CPL's. The only modifications I am aware of on the signals were new
bulbs and newer wiring. Perhaps the compatibility.

CG Tower

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