CPL history lesson (Also Regarding Rule G)

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Speaking of "Rule G" Can anyone fill me in on the details regarding this rule? I am not familiar with it.

Jerry Butler

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" I have also been told that the wreck between #95 and #2 at the South End of Cloverdale was related to the PL signal at the North End of Cloverdale being worked on that same day. I have yet to find an accident report on that one.
Jimmy Lisle

Can anyone fill in the details of exactly what happened in this accident, and the date?

Rick Morrison"

The little that I have heard is that #95 ran into the side of #2 as it was stopped and hanging out of the siding at the south end of Cloverdale. Engineer Bill Harris on #95 was injured and never took a road job again. He retired on the Lone Star Shifter. The Supt. was dismissed for Rule G because he showed up at the scene under the influence.
I see if i can ask someone who might know a little more about it.
Jimmy Lisle

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